Principal's Office (Volunteer Positions):

Jianmei Kochling, PhD, Director, Sanofi Corporation

Helen Fang, MA, MS., Principal System Analyst, Fidelity Investments

Board of Directors:

Jianmei Kochling, PhD, Director, Sanofi Corporation

Helen Fang, MA, MS., Principal System Analyst, Fidelity Investments

Ally Jin, senior accountant at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.

Some of Our Teaching Faculty

Yunjia Gu

Yunjia Gu graduated from East China Teaching University, majoring in economics.  She have been teaching young children from age 4-17 for several years as a part-time job.   After she moved to America, she got a chance to be trained by Institute of Education Sciences and Globe Child Inc., both of which offer world language classes for young children.  She loves kids  and is very happy to help them learn more about Chinese language and Chinese culture. 


Zhaopeng Ji

Zhaopeng Ji held Master degree in Chinese Literature from Renmin University of China. She also held an MBA degree in US. She enjoys teaching young children and keeping them interested in learning Chinese is her primary goal.


Nicholas Sterling, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicholas Sterling, a Ph.D. in ancient Greek & Roman civilization from Brown University, is a lecturer of Greek and Roman literature at University of Rhode Island and an after-school instructor of chess at Kennedy-Longfellow School in Cambridge and at New England Sports Academy in Westwood. Dr. Sterling provides one-on-one chess tutoring and is a Tournament Director at the Waltham Chess Club on Friday evenings.

Jing (Jenna) Fang

I graduated from Northeastern University with Master degree in Civil Engineering. I am a patient, happy and considerate person. I was a tutor of English in China and a tutor of Chinese in America for three years, having lots of teaching experiences. I like to be with kids, and would like to teach them how to speak, read and write Chinese. Kids can bring me lots of fun and love, I also enjoy the time with them. I hope with my efforts, kids born in America can know Chinese culture and speak fluent Chinese.

Qian Guan

I received my B.S of Chemistry and M.S. of Organic Chemistry from Central China Normal University in 1999 and 2002, respectively. Besides, I earned my Ph.D. of Analytical Chemistry from Colorado State University (CSU) in May 2012.

I started teaching since my graduate study in China. I taught undergraduate students the courses of Organic Chemistry Labs as a teaching assistant. After that, I have been a full time senior chemistry teacher in High School Attached to Shanghai Normal University for three years in China. I have enjoyed tutoring students and helping them build confidence in their ability to achieve both academically and socially. Besides smoothly finishing my regular chemistry teaching duties, I also provided several awarded open classes in each academic year and were in charge of chemistry camps for two grades of the high school. I received high praise from my schoolmaster, colleagues and students for my creativity, enthusiasm and good organization during work. As a teaching assistant in my Ph.D study, I was gradually familiar with the American teaching system and culture and improved my communication skills with students in English. These have been proved by the good comments from my undergraduate students and high evaluation from my TA supervisor.

The students in our Chinese school is particularly appealing to me, because they are very impressionable, interested in learning, and open to new knowledge. It gave me personal satisfaction seeing students master Chinese with all efforts from students, parents and teachers. All the above teaching experiences and my strong passion for teaching make me confident for smoothly finishing all required duties of this position.

Ying Wu

Ying Wu received Bachelor of Arts degree from the City University of New York.  He participated in art exhibitions, and his art work was selected for an annual exhibit at the National Arts Club in New York.  Ying also hold a Master degree in Architecture.   He devotes his tine in designing and creation.

Zhengqiong Wu
Bachelor of Business Administration, Jiangsu University. 20 years of experience teaching elementary school and junior middle school students. With a strong passion for Chinese language education, I care about each student in my class. I believe that class content, activities and pedagogy tailored for individual student’s talent, interests and development are most effective in motivating.


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