Purchase text book via Paypal!

Textbooks are for enrolled Wellesley Chinese Language School students only.
Please bring your receipts on the first day of school to receive your textbooks.

Textbook NameDescriptionPricePay via Paypal
BCLBasic Chinese Language $30
ICLIntermdiate Chinese Language $30

MLP KMaLiPing Kindergarten 学前班 $60

MLP 1MaLiPing Grade 1 一年级 $60

MLP 2MaLiPing Grade 2 二年级 $60

MLP 3MaLiPing Grade 3 三年级 $60

Chinese 4Standard Chinese 4 四年级 $30

Chinese 5Standard Chinese 5 五年级 $30

Chinese 6Standard Chinese 6 六年级 $30

Chinese 7Standard Chinese 7 七年级 $30

Chinese 8Standard Chinese 8 八年级 $30

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