1. How many students will be enrolled in a class?

A. No more than 12. We value small class sizes at WCLS.

2. We have been enrolled at a different Chinese school for many years and have studied using the Zhong Wen textbook. What textbook will you use? And why should we switch our family to WCLS?

A. We will be using the MaLiPing textbook for standard Chinese class.  For more information about your child's transfer into WCLS, please email the principal at wcls2010@yahoo.com. WCLS is unique in that we will offer exclusively MaLiPing method to all of our bilingual students. Our small class size makes us stand out as well.

3. My child is 3 1/2 years old; can I register for classes for him/her?

A: All classes have a minimum age requirements of 5 years old.  Toilet training is required. Some classes for the youngest children are designed to have the parent with the child.

4. How much does a class cost? What does my tuition cover?

A. MLP Language classes are $260 per semester, covering two 40-minute sessions with a 10 minute break between. Culture classes vary; most are are $160 per semester and are an hour long. Registration fees and textbooks/materials fees will be in addition. The Registration fee is a deposit and is bundled into the semester fee.

5. Do you offer a sibling discount?

A.  Not at the current time.

6. My child is 5 years old and she never learned Chinese before although we speak Mandarin at home. What classes do you recommend for her?

A: You may want to start with the Kindergarten Chinese class.  

7. We do not speak Chinese in our family. What classes do you recommend for my children?

A: For your family, we recommend our suite of "BCL" classes (Basic Chinese). You may want to start with Basic Chinese I class if your children meet the minimum age requirement of 5 years old.  For older children, we offer a Level II class with more advanced Chinese language skills. Our expectation is that a student in bilingual Chinese class will eventually transfer to the standard Chinese class when the student masters the basic Chinese language skills.  

8. Is your school open Monday to Friday?

A: No. The school hours are 1:00 - 5:00 pm on Sunday.

9. How do I receive school notices via the email list? How do I post email messages to the WCLS’s email list? 

A: WCLS email list service is for teachers, parents, students and school staff only. For new families, your email will be added to email list by our supporting team within two weeks of your registration to WCLS. If not, please send an email to wcls2010@yahoo.com with your full name, email, student's name and class for verification. 

10. How do I change my email address on the school email list?

A: Please send an email to wcls2010@yahoo.com with your full name, old and new email addresses.   

11. What is the tuition refund policy?

A: We allow a student to try out a class for 2 weeks. If the student drops the class before that, we offer 100% refund, minus the registration fee of $25.   If a class is dropped within 4 weeks, 50% tuition fee is refunded (minus the registration fee), and no refund will be offered after 1 month with the exception of medical reasons per Principal’s approval.

12. How do I send my payment?

A: We accept Paypal! When you register, you will be sent a link with instructions on how to pay using Paypal.

13. Why am I on a waiting list?

A: When the class registration is full, you will be put on the waiting list. We will make every effort to open a new section of the class to accommodate you, pending sufficient enrollment.

14. Can I pay my registration online?

A: Yes! You can pay via Paypal.

15. How do I register and pay my tuition in the middle of a semester?

A: Follow the same registration process as outlined above, using the online form and wait to pay via Paypal. We will send you an invoice with the pro-rated rate. 

16. Do you offer adult education?

A. Yes, we offer Chinese as a second language class for adults.

17. I'd like to teach for you; I have an idea for a class. Whom should I contact?

A. Please contact us at wcls2010@yahoo.com. Thanks!




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