Course Descriptions

Chinese Language, K

The kindergarten class emphasizes two important factors, listening and speaking, through games, songs, and movement which eventually lead to character recognition.   This teaching method brings out children’s natural talent in sound recognition.  Through repetition, children will link the sound with the characters.  The kindergarten class will develop children’s Chinese language sense and their interest in learning Chinese with creative teaching methods.

Chinese Language, MLP 1-3

1. Students will learn about 800 characters and 1000  phrases which are commonly used with 90% frequency.
2.  When students are capable of recognizing characters, Pin Yin will be introduced at MLP 3.
3. Students will be able to read and study many stories, fables,  jokes and tongue twisters, children’s poems and riddles.

Chinese Language, Standard Chinese 4-8

Standard Chinese is a series of Chinese teaching materials published by the China People's Education Press in Beijing. With increased dialogues with characters and situations, the textbooks are close to the children's life. It has more fairy tales, stories, poems with novel, rich and readable contents. It also include basic sentences, new words, phrases and exercises. The students will develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing stories.

Basic Chinese and Intermediate Chinese (as a Second Language)

These courses are designed for students who do not have a Mandarin Chinese-speaking environment at home.  The class will be focusing on listening to and speaking Chinese. Material will be developed for the class to assist students to develop "ears" for the four tones in Chinese pronunciation, "a mouth and a tongue" for speaking Chinese when giving objects and subjects, and "eyes" for recognition of simple characters.  As the students progress in learning, simple Chinese character writing will be introduced. When graduating from the BCL classes, the students should have developed listening skills for Chinese.  As they progress through the program, more skills will be introduced in listening and speaking, and more character recognition will be introduced.

Basic Art and Chinese Painting/Calligraphy (for young children at beginner level)

The class will introduce the basic visual art elements: line, shape, space, scale and color by exploring different type of mediums:ink, pencil, color pencil, marker, oil pastel and crafts to encourage students to express their imagination, and to develop their appreciation and creativity.

Advanced Drawing and Painting (for students who have studied art for some time)

This class will study drawing for some weeks in the beginning, and study painting later in the semester. The class will enhance the foundation and study new techniques, focusing on proportion, value contrast, perspective, light, space, color and composition to develop students' observation capacity, perception, appreciation and creativity.

This class will teach international Chess, taught by an experienced instructor.

Critical Writing and Public Speaking

The goal of the duel writing-public speaking course is to develop student's confidence and skills in order to create well-integrated, persuasive pieces of writing/speech and leave them with comprehensive skills to tackle most styles of writing and discourse. Pertaining to writing, we will explore various grammatical structures, students' individual style and creativity, vocabulary expansion, and the creation of persuasive arguments. As for the speaking component's goals, students will develop the ability to confidently speak with presence and poise within different styles of speech: persuasive, narrative, and informative. Using comprehensive, synthesis-focused approaches, the hope is for students to have fun in a supportive environment while learning about the myriad of ways they can express themselves, both on paper and in spoken language.

Critical Writing - No Class during the following days in addition to the WCLS school calendar - Jan 7th; Jan 21st; Jan 28th for the fall semester; March 25th, June 3rd and June 10th.

Singapore Math

This math course serves to supplement and challenge students' classroom material. The curriculum will be based upon the Singapore math workbooks, and students will be expected to bring their math schoolwork to class as a guide to improve difficulty areas and challenge easier areas. Subjects may include: multiplication, times table, division, etc. 

Singapore Math - No class during the following days in addition to the WCLS school calendar - Jan 7th, Ja 21st and Jan 28th for the fall semester; May 20th, June 3rd and June 10th for the Spring semester.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is guaranteed for 15 classes per semester.


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